Welcome to the School of Art

The School of Art is an inclusive learning environment that promotes creativity and scholarship, and mirrors the wide range of cultural, artistic and scholarly interests in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tenure Track Positions

Currently, there are no faculty positions available in the School of Art.

Study with Us

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The 46-unit Bachelor of Arts in Art degree program provides innovative and rigorous concentrations in art education, art history, studio art, and art history/studio art.

Master of Arts in Museum Studies

The 33 unit Master of arts in Museum Studies program is to develop future museum professionals through highly structured coursework in a setting where museums’ educational efforts, collections, and interactions with community are of central concern.

Master of Fine Arts in Art

The 60-unit Master of Fine Arts in Art degree program is designed to provide professional competency for the student pursuing a career as an artist including working in a range of public roles.

Minor in Art

The 24-unit Minor in Art is offered for students who wish to pursue a secondary interest in art on a structured basis.

Master of Arts in Art History

The 30-unit Master of Arts in Art History is designed to provide professional training for the student preparing to enter a doctoral program or to work in jobs requiring a master's level of work in art history.

Get Involved

Fine Arts Gallery

The Fine Arts Gallery is provides students the opportunity to exhibit and work in a professional gallery environment.

Martin Wong Gallery

The Martin Wong Gallery provides undergraduate artists the opportunity to exhibit visual works, in a professional context.

Study Abroad

Study abroad for a year or semester while earning resident credit towards your major, minor or general education requirements.